Testimonials from satisfied families

One night I had the intuition that I needed oxygen. The next day, Serge told me about the hyperbaric chamber. I was surprised by this happy coincidence and I agreed to live this oxygen experience.

I am now at my eleventh meeting and I am pleased with my decision. I have never slept so well in my life as I am now. I have more confidence in myself. I have a clearer mind. Even the people around me have seen changes. My dance teacher has noticed that I have better posture and more confidence. My way of expressing myself has also improved.

Mostly I managed to stop consuming. it's been 10 years!

I find the experience pleasant, it's relaxing to breathe pure oxygen. I am grateful to life for putting this approach in my path.

Anne-Krystel Goyer

I started taking oxygen therapy sessions about a year ago.

I was already aware of the existence of hyperbaric chambers, having been to the Hippocrates Institute in Florida.

For me it comes down to two great results: I go for my state of mind and for the physical energy that I get. From the beginning I noticed a greater clarity in my ideas and it is always the case, which is why I continue to use it.

In fact, with everything I've tried for twenty years, that's what I found better!

I also find that the experience is relaxing.

Luc Perrier

My daughter Ofélie and I started the oxygen therapy sessions on April 28, 2012. She was then 22 months old. During the previous months she had had several episodes of fever. On average from three to five days a month. And sometimes up to 40 degrees. Just in April, she had been feverish twice, for a total of six days. My partner and I started to worry.

With the hyperbaric chamber, her feverish periods completely disappeared in the first month and have not returned since. At first I also noticed that she slept better and a slight improvement in her appetite.

During episodes of colds among the friends of the daycare, Ofélie had only a small nose running one or two days.

I am convinced of the beneficial effects of oxygen therapy on the daily health of my daughter.

Élaine Paquette

There is no better day than today to tell you about my testimony about the hyperbaric oxygen therapy I received in the months before my lung surgery.

First of all, I want to thank you for thinking of me as your sister the day I introduced myself to you when I had just learned that I had a cancerous lung tumor. I will always remember your heartfelt response: If you were my sister, I would take you home immediately for an oxygen therapy session!

In a state of total confidence, I abandoned myself to this proposal which, from session to session, proved to be extremely beneficial.

Why today? Because I come back from my post-operative appointment with my oncologist and that the results are excellent and allow me to have a break from a so-called consolidation chemotherapy. The operation went well and it seems that the negative cells have been removed overall.

I know beyond a doubt that oxygen therapy has contributed significantly to my physical and mental wellbeing before the operation and even now! Having now largely recovered from this important surgical procedure, I will be able to resume my sessions very soon to "pamper" my body to thank him for all the efforts he has made so far to get rid of these cells negative.

My doctor told me again this morning: "Take long walks and breathe deeply". My secret to me ... I will add to that a session of pure oxygen weekly! What's more, I also take advantage of this period to meditate and rest the mind of any concern conveyed by the little thought that lives in us all! Concerns and negative thoughts are not allowed in the hyperbaric chamber! That's my motto! No wonder the results are so positive!

In addition, the feelings of burning in the head that I had for more than 18 years are totally disappeared despite the stress of the events surrounding my state of health of the last months.

So, to thank you for everything, I can say with conviction and this, thanks to you, that there is no more beautiful gift to be offered than a series of 10 sessions of oxygen therapy per year.

With all my gratitude.

Myrianne Mailhot

Hello! So everything is fine for Justin, we are at 19 submarine sessions! He even goes there alone! Progress is definitely outstanding. It's really at the level of speech that we notice a difference. We are very happy!

Marie-France Clermont

With 100 Hyperbaric sessions at our Clinic Magali, we have no doubt about the benefits that Thomas gets from this therapy. Now, thanks to exceptional grandparents, we can continue oxygen therapy in the comfort of our home (140 sessions at home).

Buying a portable hyperbaric chamber (useful for many years to come) was expensive, but will quickly pay for itself in comparison to private clinic treatments. In addition, very safe and safe for health, these submarine sessions are extremely appreciated by our little Tom.

The accompanist takes the opportunity to play fine motor skills with him, to sing or to tell him stories. Duration: 1h30 per day. We also found beneficial effects on the accompanying adult (and this is not a placebo effect!): More energy and clearer minds.

This is only super positive for everyone!

Thomas Morissette's mom

Hello to both of you, we did not forget you, I sold my house that I had to deliver on June 23 when I was in Abitibi, so no need to tell you that I had to gear up at high speed since I had to build a room and remodel my house on my land.

As far as the fibro is concerned, the result is impressive: my pain has disappeared at about 75%, its wonderful remains the herniated discs.

If you go to the Quebec area call me we could go for a lunch or you can also visit us.