About Hugues Pascis (L-HBTO Certified Professional)

Pioneer in Canada in hyperbaric chambers

Hughes Pascis was the first person to import a low-pressure flexible portable hyperbaric chamber in Canada in 1999.

He presented this first hyperbaric chamber to Dr. Pierre Marois, M.D. physiatrist, and Dr. Michel Vanasse, neuropediatrician, both of Ste-Justine Hospital in Montreal.

Following specialized courses in HBOT, his experience gained over the last 18 years and with more than 500 installations throughout Quebec, Ontario, France and the United States, he can give you advice.

Its mission is to ensure that this technology is available to the greatest number of people and that treatments are affordable and accessible to all.

The expertise of Hugues Pascis after 18 years in the industry


Hughes Pascis participated actively and closely followed the research, as well as the scientific studies that were then triggered by the Quebec Ministry of Health concerning children with neurological damage.


He has participated in all hyperbaric oxygen symposiums and symposiums in California, Texas and Florida, which brought together the best medical specialists and the director of international university hospitals.

Specialized courses

Hughes Pascis followed specialized courses in hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the United States with the International Hyperbaric Association (IHA) and American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).

More than 500 installations

Now with over 500 hyperbaric chamber installations across Quebec, Ontario, France and the United States, he has become a recognized industry expert and is in high demand.

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